Friday, February 27, 2015

MyOnline Shop MJXLII-XLVII & MJXXVII & Wedding Plate

Hello Nail Surfers
Welcome to My Beach
Today I am sharing the New 8 Plates
MyOnline Shop will be releasing this March 1,2015
They will be available on her Storenvy Store
and also Amazon
She has her plates number in Roman Numerals
1 = I                  11 = XI                21= XXI                31 = XXXI           41 = XLI
 2 = II                12 =XII               22 = XXII              32 = XXXII          42 = XLII
 3 =III                13 = XIII             23 = XXIII            33 = XXXIII         43 = XLIII
 4 = IV               14 = XIV             24 = XXIV           34 = XXXIV         44 = XLIV
 5 = V                 15 = XV             25 = XXV             35 = XXXV          45 = XLV
 6  = VI              16 = XVI            26 = XXVI            36 = XXXVI         46 = XLVI
 7 = VII              17 = XVII           27 = XXVII          37 = XXXVII        47 = XLVII
  8 = VIII            18 = XVIII          28 = XXVIII        38 = XXXVIII       48 = XLVIII
 9 =IX                 19 = XIX            29 = XXIX           39 = XXXIX          49 = XLIX
10 = X                20 = XX              30 = XXX            40 = XL                  50 = L

She's not to 50 yet. But a least we know what it'll look like.




I tested every image.
I used some Diy Stamping (Black)
and some Sally Hansen Insta Dry Polishes as well.
Not every image is stamp straight.
I didn't have any issues with stamping or transferring.
These are my stamping sheets.
So you can see if an image didn't please me, I tested
it a 2nd or 3rd time if needed.
A full plate swatch really leaves lots of polish build up,
which can lead to stamping errors.
Which is your Favorite Plate / Plates ?

I used XLV
My stamper has a tiny tear and is reflecting in my stamping now.
It's my squishy. I had that little guy for over 5 years now.
I guess it was time to let him go now.
I used acrylic paints, Alcohol inks and some double/triple stamping.

So I found another stamper, but it's really firm
and that's difficult to use with long curvy nails.
I press not roll.
I used MJ  XVII
Thank you for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.
And I hope you return soon.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bundle Monster XL Series Review

Hello Nail Surfers
Welcome to My Beach
Bundle Monster has just released a New Collection.
These are really the same images they already carry, but in XL Size.
This set can be found and purchased at
Now to the Fun Part.
 I love the heavy duty plastic backing.
And the writing does Not remove with acetone :)

Each plate is full of random plates with similar images.
BM603,BM605, BM315, BM402,BM406
 Are just a few.
Are just a few.
BM401, BM424,BMH21,BM302,BM309
Are just a few.
 BMXL22 did give me some issues :(
But Bundle Monster has The Best Customer Service  out there!!

Stamped Perfectly!!
Wow! Look at the Difference.
Here you can clearly see how much bigger these are verses the originals.
Blow are sample on painted swatch sticks.

Here is my Video of the plates in action.
You'll see al things I do just to get a plate to work right.
Unfortunately the plate is a dud :(
But Hey, it happens. They make millions at a time and it's not them,
it's the machine's mishap. But Bundle Monster is amazing and has
amazing Customer Service.
I only have 3 out of 30 plates.
And these plates can be bought in sets or individually.
They has just Release a New Case for these XL Series.
They look very stylish too.
I can't wait to get some and fill them up.
I am extremely pleased with this Series.
I will finally be able to use all the images.
Is this a set that you would want?
Why or Why not?
I am always curious  to what others think about  new plates/images.
Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.
And I hope you return soon :)