Friday, April 22, 2016

Beach Boys Live Collection Review and Full Mani's with ART

Hello Nail Surfers

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Today I have the Newest Collection by Colores De Carol
Beach Boys Live!! 
This Collection is a  scattered holo with micro silver glitter and holo shimmer.

It's Action packed! 
It's Vert Bright !
And I Love it!
And these are extremely pigmented.

I have tested each and ever color.

*There was No Staining.
*Application was smooth and even.
*Drying time was fast.
*These Neons Do Not Require Undies.
(No White base needed)
*They do water marble.

Are you ready for a Mani over load?
I have lots and lots of pictures to share.



I am drooling over here just looking at these Beauties.
Colores De Carol makes Amazing Polishes.

The Girl from NYC
I used 3 thin coats plus a TC.
For accent nails I did a not so typical water marble.

Summer Means New Love
I used 3 coats plus a TC.
For my accent nail I did different kind of water marble art.
I used Summer Means New Love,Funky Fingers Black for this look.
I matted it here.
These different marble looks are growing on me more and more :)

Same Mani as before.
I Top Coated my accent nail here.

I am holding "Let Him Run Wild"
I applied 1 coat of this amazingly Bright Neon Holo Yellow.
Then I did a gradient with "The Girl from NYC"
(Pink and Yellow made Orange.)
(The outer fingers is The Girl from NYC)
For art I used Bundle Monster  XL 114

Alley Oop
I used 3 coats plus a TC.
For art I used Marianne Nails n119 

Beaches in Mind
I used 3 coats plus a TC
Here's another one of my funky water marbles.
I also used Alley Oop in this marble.

Where I Belong
I used 2 coats plus a TC

Surfer Girl
I used 2 coats plus a TC.
 For art I used Messy Mansion MM48

Are you still with me???

I still have more Mani's :)

This Collection as does an amazing job with gradients.

I used All 7 Polishes in 1 Mani.

Gummy Bears anyone??
I used ALL 7 here too.. :)

Did I do 3 in a row???

Oh Yah!!!
This Girl is on a Roll...
All 7 Again 

Beach Boys Live Collection
Will be Available
 April 22nd at Noon EST at

****I used 3 coats on most Only because I have a dark nail line***
And I don't like my nail line showing..

Which is your Favorite Color?

Which Mani did you like Best??

Thank You for Surfing My Wave.
I hope you visit My Beach Again soon.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Colores De Carol Spring Holo 2016 Collection

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach 

First... I just want to say 
Happy Easter too Everyone :)

Today I four New Linear Holo Polishes by Colores De Carol

These Polishes are available now.
And Right Now she is having an Easter Sale.

***Expires Sunday March 27,2016 at Midnight EST.***

So are you ready for tons of pictures?

Some of these pictures are only Featured here :)



These are Linear Holographic polishes.
Each polish has something special about it.

Antares- Is a nude-taupe linear holographic with Gold Shimmer.
I used 3 thin coats plus a topcoat.

I used Marianne Nails - n100 for art.

Here I have Antares as a base and I sponged on some Vega and acrylic paint.
For art I used Marianne Nails XXL6 plate

Mizar Is a Lime Green Linear Holographic with Green Shimmer.
I used 3 thin coats plus a topcoat.
I probably should of done 4 coats for photo purposes.
Because in real life my nail line was not this noticeable.
Darn catches everything.

Okay..Just to prove to you all..
 I do have Nail Fails too.
The image just wasn't what I really wanted and I tried to make it work for me.
I feel that it didn't.
One day.. I will start to practice free hand art.
I had to redo
I actually got this color to stamp too :) 
These polishes are a little shear so to get one to stamp was amazing!.
For art I used QA91 from

Vega - Is a Sky Blue Linear Holographic with subtle iridescent 
Blue Shimmer to it and fine Silver Holographic dust.
I used 3 thin coats plus a topcoat.
For art I used Marianne Nails XXL6 
So I decided to have even more fun with this.
For art I used Marianne Nails n122 
Here's a close up before art.
I also used white acrylic paint. 

Germma- Is a light Violet  Linear Holographic with Violet Shimmer
to it and Micro Silver Holo Hex Glitter.

I used 3 thin coats plus a topcoat.
Some Bunny Loves You
For art I used Bunny Nails HD-B plate

Application was smooth and even.
Each Mani took 3 coats plus a Topcoat.
These are like shear, but not super shear.
Drying time is really fast.
**Don't forget**

Which is your favorite?
I like Vega the Best!

Did you like my Failed Mani?

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you return to My Beach soon. :)