Sunday, July 1, 2012


For those who may not of read yet or heard. Cheeky's new Summer Set  release has been pushed back.

This is Directly from their Facebook Page 

Hi Cheeky Chicks, we know that many of you are excited about our new set and looking forward to its release. We want to tell you that we cannot wait for it to happen as well:). However, in order to guarantee maximum enjoyment from this set, we are investing vast amount of resources in research and development to make it the best set ever produced. We work closely with many nail art specialists and bloggers around the world to get their impressions and develop this set to the best quality possible. Our initial ambition for this set was to produce the most innovative set ever made and we are still keen to do it. We can tell you that some of the latest developments we incorporated in the set are:

1. Bigger full nail designs for those of you with long nails (the biggest in the market).
2. Bigger gaps between designs in order to allow easier clean up and better use.
3. Functional and branded packaging (we do not want to say more than that because we will ruin the surprise).
4. New scraper that will be provided with the set.
5. More small surprises.

Cheeky Chicks, the reason that our launch date is delayed is only because we want to supply the very best for you girls and nothing less. We appreciate your patience so much and ask that you will bear with us a bit longer while we finish the development of the set. There are two options:

1. We will release the set in 3 weeks without some of the developments mentioned.
2. We will release the set in 5-6 weeks with all of the developments mentioned.

Please let us know which option you prefer?

The Cheeky Team ;)

What do you guys think of this? Please comment and  share your thoughts with me.
You can also voice your opinion on Cheeky's Page too Here

I'm just like every other nail addict.. I want now and don't want to wait anymore!  But Cheeky has made really good points here and I would rather wait and have a flawless set with extra perks. I do have a sample set of these plates and trust me when i say this "You will absolutely want this set" and they are making adjustments for us. What nail plate company makes adjustments for the fans?. What company actually asks the fans for such options like they did above? Cheeky is here to stay and is catering to our needs. Amazing I must say..

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  1. Honestly, I would rather wait the extra time and have the plates produced the best they can. They way I see it, people have waited this long, what is another month and a half for better quality and more improvements. The announcement shows that the company is listening to their customers, although I think an explanation at the start of June when the plates were due to come out in the first place would have been more appreciated.