Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Hello Nail Surfers,

How are you all doing? I'm good. (: Just painted away here.. I really need to pace myself out more.
But who we kidding here? That's just not me (:  I have lots to share with you still. Today I'm going to share some Pink nails. Pink is my ultimate favorite color than Black and well, I cant leave out the other colors now. I Like all  the colors. 
When I stamp I like to use images that have been over looked. Its a challenge at times but it's fun. I still do the traditional images too but love to add twists to them. Some turn out and some don't. I post even my fails.And will tell you why I feel it failed and how or what i should of done definitely .  I'll even redo the fail mani just so I feel better. Nobody likes showing the failed attempt. I take it personally and tell myself I could do better, I should of done better, and than I achieve my mani better. Plus  its more practicing. My cuticles and I don't always agree.And you will see that too. I'm not a pro, nor a professional licensed technician  I do housework and yard work too. My nails take a beating too. I use to always bite my nails. Then I'd bite the skin around my nails. I no longer do either but I do have a love-hate relationship going on with my cuticles.
Habits are hard to break and in time my goal is to have nice and pretty cuticles (:



"Sweet & Evil Cotton Candy Mani"
IP - MJ 2 & QA 5
both found Here

"Girl Power"
IP- CH 50
Cheeky's New Summer Set
Due to be released in about 1 week (:

"Rich Argyle and Famous Swirls"
IP- MJ 2 (argyle) found here
& CH 52

"Make an Entrance with a Star"
IP- BM 322

Thank You for surfing my wave here. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.