Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hello Nail Surfers 

Welcome to My Beach

Have you ever thought of a Mani design in your mind
and it all seemed great? Colors all picked out , the right image to 
match. And you even swatch it all on paper and it looked just how you imagined   it?
But on your nail it just doesn't make the cut. And for some strange reason we still continue
to do all 10 nails still. Thinking that maybe, just maybe it'll look better when
all 10 is done. I just did one of those myself the other day.
But Thankfully it was a gradient Mani. Which I always topcoat those before
any art and I was able to completely erase my train wreck.

I can't believe I'm sharing this. 


 This is what I started with. It looked so pretty in real life.
 And here it is.
This is a really Gorgeous image. I just used to many colors at 1X.
 Thanks to my Lint Roller/Tape I was able to start all over.
Here are the full products I used. 
Everybody here behaved and played nicely.

I ended up leaving this polish alone as it stands.
I sensed with a failed attempt that it was a sign to let it 
have all the spot light this time.

So see.. Not every Mani is a Great or good Mani.
And sometimes polished fingers are meant to shine alone.

Have you had bloopers in stamping?
Would you share your bloopers?

I choose to share this to also show that the Lint Roller/Tape
Trick does work. It may not every time with any polishes,
but it's always worth a shot.

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. I make mistakes and sometimes just start over. But since I have learned you technique with the lint roller I have "gotten" alot better.

  2. Thats Great to hear Chrisie!.. I am so glad that trick has been able to help so many :)