Monday, April 22, 2013

Plates-Plates and More Plates

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

There's many new products coming out lately.
Have you been keeping with who ,want,when and where?
I know it gets a bit crazy..

#1. Is Cheeky 2013 Jumbo Set is now available for purchase.
To purchase click--.Cheeky Beauty
and soon it will be on

#2.  Is MyOnline Shop's 2013 MJ Series 
To purchase click- MyOnline Shop's Etsy Page
Direct Order Form.-

#3. Is Mundo de Unas Plates 
To purchase these click-Mundo de Unas Facebook page
Email Sylvia at -

With that all said. Lets get to the pics of these sets.

****High Tide Warning***** 


Cheeky Beauty 2013 Jumbo Set 1-10 Plate

All 10 Plates it  is $85.99
For 5 Plates it's $45.99 (Which they sell 2 different sets of 5)
1 Plate is $9.49 

My Online Shop's 2013 MJ Series

These plates sell individually for $!8.00 USD plus shipping
Shipping may vary  upon your location. 
Here's a direct order Form-

Mundo de Unas Plates

These are just the" 6 " I chose. She has many different plates to choose from.
These Plates are 5/$25 plus shipping.
Shipping may vary upon on your location.

I am so excited for all these sets..
And yes there are more self-owned plate company's
that have also came out with new product or they will
be releasing these new products soon..

So Many Plates
So little

Thank you for surfing my Huge wave today.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. I ordered some from each of these so you've done a great job! I didn't order any sets but individuals :)

    1. Thank You Amalia :)
      Are you as excited as I am for these plates?

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Claudia :)
      Some sets you can buy from Argentina :)
      Cheeky you can.
      MyOnline Shops's Plates you'd have to message her to ask. But I think she does. :)
      Mundo de Unas only ships in US and Canada for now.