Sunday, May 5, 2013

Changing Tribes

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

I am honored to receive some "New Plates" to try out.
Yes.. more plates.. This is a self owned Company.
She calls herself Fashion Disaster 101
She has just started out and has a few plates already.
These Plates start with FD 
She has a store page and sells various products.
I was able to pick which plate I would like try out.
It was a hard decision to pick just one.

I choose FD 3. FD 2 was already coming my way.


I used FD 3along with my "Trusty" Black stamping polish

These are the 2 plates I received.

I was really amazed on how great they stamped.
No issues with scrapping or stamping.
All the images tested above where the first try.
I am a stickler when it come to testing a plate out.
I can not find any faults on these plates.
These do come with a blue film on them and there is no backings.

 All these shades in "One" bottle of polish.

This is the color inside.

And this is the color it changes to outside.

I was able to capture this Mani as it was changing back to the inside color.

I picked up a few of these color changing polishes.

To purchase the FD 2 or FD 3 Plate  please check out
Fashion Disaster 101 for these and other nail products.

These plates are different and the images are quite rare.

Are these plates  that you would add to your collection?

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach 


  1. Omigosh!! Do I need more plates? No! But these are soooo cute! I love fd2 it is so unique as you said! I checked them out and I like fd5 also :)

    1. Amalia new plates are the best. But those rare plates? Those are even better. :) I liked a few other plates myself. Did you get any?..