Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dashica Beauty Stamping Plates

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

I Wish you All Luck on my Giveaway.

About a month ago I had actual won my very first contest.
I had won a Free Dashica Beauty XL image plate.
She runs these awesome contests on her Facebook page Dashica Beauty Shop - Facebook
I was able to pick "any XL plate that I wanted.
That was a very hard discussion to make. Since she has so many wonderful
stamping plates and I want them all. That's how amazing they are.
And she is always coming out with new ones.
I had chosen SdP V 

****HIGH TIDE****
 (heavy pics)


 Here is what the plate looks like.
Such Great Detail in these images.
And these will work for Long and short nails as well.
Shirley Dashica even surprised me with 2 extra plates.

and SdP111

All of the plates have a protective backing.

Here's some measurements.
This is in CM
And even tho they may appear to be skinny in width, they are not.
I have wide nail beds and I was amazed that I actually had clean-up to do.

This is just some "Random swatching of SdpV

Dash22 Measurements. *Again in CM*

Some "Random" swatching of Dash22

Measurements for SdP111

"Random" swatching.
Dashica Beauty Plates almost always have mirrored images.
Now as most of you already know.. I use my Lint Roller Trick
from time to time.  The amazing part is... 
That I started with this Mani first.
With so Many Great Images to use I really try my best
to use as many as I can.

I have never owned any Dashica Plates before this.
I would highly recommend her plates.
They are amazing.They stamp perfectly and they
work for all Nail shapes and sizes.

Do you own any Dashica plates?
Which is your favorite?

Thank you for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. I am so happy you finally got to try these amazing plates. I know you have been drooling at the pictures on the Dashica FB page. Loved the nails you have done so far, so happy you can join us in posting on the Dashica page.
    The only bad thing about these plates, because of the great stamping quality and the amazing looking images, you want all of them....

  2. It looks amazing... I love yours plates!!!!

  3. These are humongous images.I can see why you like them so much.I now want some too.

  4. Looks awesome!!! What is the "lint roller" trick you refer to?

  5. Are you talking about just stamping the stamper on a lint roller after you stamped your ail instead of removing excess polish with acetone?

    1. Hiya Tiffany :)
      Yes.. I use a lint roller to remove any let over polish on my stamper. Tape works also ,but I have found it easier and quicker and cheaper to use a lint roller..
      Check you Dollar Tree :) That's where I get mine from.