Saturday, June 1, 2013

Instant Mani

Hello Nail Surfs

Welcome to My Beach

Is EveryOne having fun at the Beach?

I have a fast and easy Mani to share today.

With Summer time almost here, we all run into some sort of nail issue.
It's either to hot and the polish won't apply correctly, or the humidity
that prevents things from drying properly.
Those eldenty nails that never dry for stamping or
the stamping polish drying before you can even hit your nail.
Here are some little tips to help you through the summer heat.

Do not paint or stamp with a fan on.(Ceiling fan included)
Go for thinner coats of polish VS 1 thick coat
With humidity high it may work best for you to paint in the early morning
or evening time. If you have a basement that's the place to go.

Summer time is also the time were we all are  busy.
With cookouts,gatherings and parties, we are always on the go.

This Mani is super fast,stylish and easy to do.


10 different styles came in this pack.

Gals Nail Wraps is an easy and fast to apply.
They are even long enough for my nails and I did have to file excess off still.
You can use them as accents like I did. And get more Mani's out of them.
Amazon is having an Introduction Price for $13.99
These are extremely fashionable and trendy.
And great for those quick Mani's you need.

Have you ever been in such a  rush to do your nails and you just made them worse?
Or made last minute plans and realized your nails are a wreck and you have no time
to redo them?
Well No more. Grab a pack of these and you'll always have a trendy Mani
on hand.

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. Great idea!! I have to admit I haven't tried these yet but it's a great idea. Thank you!

    1. Oh my gosh Kris.. Your missing
      These are great to have handy for instant Mani's

  2. Great idea!! I have to admit I haven't tried these yet but it's a great idea. Thank you!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Lorena :) It's a easy Mani for any occasion.

  4. You make nail wraps look perfect...I tried it one time and it was a fail :'(

    1. Lol... These work pretty well. Easy to use. You can stretch them over the tips as well.
      In the directions it says to use a blow dryer even.
      I had extra at my tips to trim. :)