Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Rush (Lots of Mani's included)

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

It's been awhile since my last post.
I have many networks I am apart of as well.
And I really wish they would be linked together
to share all the posts I do. It's challenging at times to keep up
with which site you posted what Mani.
Today I am sharing loads of Mani's I have done since my last post.
Now I normally like giving each Mani it's own post, but 
I honestly do my nails almost on a daily basis. And I would never
get anything else done if I was on the internet all day everyday.

But before any Mani's
I would like to Wish You All 
"Happy Holidays"



I used Gals  GA22
And Mash Flocking Powder on accent.

I used MyOnline Shop's MJXII
#35 & #43 stamping polish By Mundo de Unas
and Blue Flocking Powder by Mash Nails.

I used XL V plate with #43 Stamping Polish By Mundo de Unas.

I used Fun 3 Plate By FabUr Nails.

I used Cheeky Jumbo 6
Bundle Monster BM201
and Cheeky Beauty for the studs.

I did a saran wrap base and used SA02 Plate.

Classic Black French with colored specks for the accent Nail.

I used Cheeky Jumbo 10, SA18
and Mundo de Unas Pink for stamping.

I used acrylic paints and saran wrap to create this base and 
used MJX and stamped with Mash Nails Black Polish.

Acrylic Paints and Saran Wrap created this base.
I used Bunny Nails HD-B plate.
And Cheeky Beauty for the large gems.

Same base as above but this time I used MyOnline MJXIII

 I used StampAholics ST03
I used Mash Nails Black Flocking powder 

I used Cheeky XL K & N Plate.

This is my Right Hand :)
I used SA01
Bundle Monster BM407
and Cheeky's Rhinestones.
I used Bunny Nails HD-F plate.

I used Plate HD-E & HD-F by Bunny Nails 
over a layer of pixie dust.

My Fav.
I used Bunny Nails HD-E & HD-F
Mash Nails Black Flocking Powder
and Mundo de Unas Pink for stamping.

I used Bunny Nails BuNa-B Plate.

These came out soo so cool.
I created the base using acrylic paints and Saran Wrap.
I used Bunny Nails BuNa-B Plate.

Same base as above but this time I used 
Bunny Nails BuNa-A Plate.


I used Chunky Holo Bluebell by Kleancolor over a Black base.

I used Chocolate Vanity "Poupee Plate"
and a knockoff no name plate for the horse.

I used FabUr Nail Fun 4
MyOnline MJIX 
Cheeky Summer Set CH47
and Chocolate Vanity "Poupee Plate".

I created another Acrylic Paint base with Saran Wrap 
and used Bunny Nails BuNa-A Plate.

Same acrylic Base as above but this time I made stamping decal
I used FabUrNails Fun3
and StampAholics ST03.

I used Chocolate Vanity "Poupee Plate"
and stamped with MyOnline Shop's Pink Stamping Polish.

I used Bunny Nails BuNa-A Plate
and I created this gem. It was plain gold so I painted it black with nail polish
and used White and Pink Polish to stamp.

I used Chocolate Vanity "Poupee Plate"

Some Holiday Humor.
All Freehand work.

I painted the gold studs black to match my Mani.
I used SA19

I used FabUrNails Fun 5 & Fun  6

I used Bundle Monster BM 323
and on my pointer and ring finger I used my Nail Printer.

Same as above. BM323
and Nail Printer.

I used Bunny Nails HD-F Plate.

I used Bunny Nails BuNa-A Plate.

Lots and Lots of Mani's..
Here are all the link to the Stores that I have mentioned above.
*SA plates are no longer available for sale.*

Thank You for surfing my Tidal Wave today.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach 

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