Thursday, May 21, 2015

Born Pretty Plate Review - Summer 2015 BP-LO

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Born Pretty Store is based is China.
Their prices are extremely reasonable.
Shipping can take 3-6 Wks.
Shipping is FREE.
They are truly on top of what's Trending.
They carry thousands of nail items.
They are not just a nail store.
I have gotten bracelets before and they were amazing.

As for this review I'll be talking about their stamping plates.

Awhile back Born Pretty was always known for knock
off (faux) plates. They did Not create their own then.

Times have certainly change.
They now have their own plates.
They are original images.
The quality is great and so is the price.

When you shop there,use Coupon Code
and you'll save 10% off any non sale item.



Plate Size 

 Image Size

This is a pretty common size these days.
1.5cm wide by 2. cm long 

At this angle you can see fine scratches.

But straight on, you do not.

Again, at this angle you can see some fine scratches.
And also some pit marks.

Straight on the scratches are not visible, but the pit marks still are.

This pic was taken during day and not in direct sunlight,
I can still see some minor pit marks.

Despite these minor imperfections, the plates still work

Owl Plate!

My only pet peeve is that the backing and curved
edges hold polish.

Here you can see the black line that
transferred from the edge.

Even cleaning those edges are a pain.
But it is worth it.
This Plate is AMAZING!

Words are always the most difficult to get to stamp Solid.
But Born Pretty Really did an amazing Job.
These plates are etched Perfectly!

I still have more to share :)

The Lace Plate!

These images are 1.5cm by 1.5cm

Can you tell I had a lot of Fun with these plates?
And I am still making  New Creations with these.

Now all I need is their plate holder and the rest of the
collection too. :)

All of the above plates can be found at 

Additional Pictures/videos can be found on my Instagram 

Remember to use code
  and you'll save 10% off any non-sale item.

Do you like any of these plates?
Which is your favorite?

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.
And I hope you come back soon.

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