Monday, November 30, 2015

Winsor & Newton Fine Acrylic Paints from Born Pretty Store (Review)

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I have many different kinds of paints and polishes  that I paint and art my nails with.

Acrylic Paints come in many different ways.

There's the bottle kind
(like Apple Barrel- CraftsMart- American etc)

Another kind is in a plastic bigger tube style.
(I got mine from 5 Below)

And then there's the kind in a foil tube.
I have Royal Langnickle brand.

All Brands and Style's work slightly different.
Some are thicker than others and some are really easy to work with.

I had the opportunity to review Born Pretty Store 
Winsor & Newton Brand Acrylic Paints.
And I can definitely tell a huge difference from all my other paints.

Do I like this kind better?


Winsor & Newton
12 pcs Fine Acrylic Paint Set

These paints are Extremely Pigmented.
They are 10ml  and are in a plastic tube.
These are the same size as the foil tubes.
But foil tubes bend and twist all up when you open them.
These Winsor & Newton paints don't.

These are the BEST acrylic paints I have ever tried.
I have used them as a base and also to color in stamping decals.
The control of this paint is just amazing!
It applies so smoothly and bold.
 You can add water or use the straight from the tube.
 And a little goes along way!! 

Here I used a wide brush and paint straight from the tube.
This is just ONE coat. See how amazing it.
For  art I used BP-L015 & BP-35 
^^ Plate review coming soon^^

Here's the back of the Box

Winsor & Newton  12 pcs Fine Acrylic Paint Set
can be found at Born Pretty Store

So to answer my question in the beginning.

Do I like this kind better?

These paints are my Top Favorite!~

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~I have more reviews coming~