Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter/Holiday Collection by Colores De Carol Review

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Are you ready to see the latest release by Colores De Carol ?

I have the entire Winter/Holiday Collection 
plus  Feliz Ano!

There's 8 Polishes in this Collection.

These polishes can be purchased separately or as a Collection.

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I don't get any kick backs buy you using this.
It's something Carol offered me for my fans and followers.

okay.. lets get to these Beauties :) <3 p="">



Vintage Lights
I used 3 thin coats plus a TC.

I used HD-F for art by Bunny Nails

Here I added Wet`N`Wild Matte Top Coat.
I just Love how this turned out!

Marshmallow Apple Candy
I used 2 coats over a Red Base plus a TC.

I used HD-I for art by Bunny Nails

Gingerbread Cupcakes
I used 2 coats plus a TC

I used MJ XLVIII and jr 42 for art.
Both plates are made by Myonline Shop
* I wished I stamped the wrapper of the cupcake with a different color.*
A nice bold Blue would of matched this better IMO.

Tree in a Bottle
I used 2 coats plus a TC over a Green base.

I used Cheeky Jumbo Plate 6 for art.
These plates are more affordable these days and can be found on Ebay/Amazon.

Sugar Plum Sprinkles
I used 2 coats plus a TC.
Do you see ALL that Amazing Holo!!!

I used MJ XXVII and BPL-032 for art.

I decided to Matte this one because it was sooo Shiny
and I wanted you to see the art better :)

Jelly Christmas
I used 1 coat  plus a TC over a Blue base.

I used BPL-032 for art.
I also Matted this one.
I just Love how this came out.

I used 2 coats plus a TC over a White base.
* I just used 1 coat of White*

I used Cheeky Jumbo Plate 6 for art.
And I also removed my middle finger base and added Feliz Ano! 

Midnight Jewel
I used 2 coats plus a TC.
I used BPL-032 for art again here.
This time I used a different part of the large snowflake image.
I really Really Loved ALL this Holo!
I mean, Look at that sucker .

I used La Qin An #15 as a stamping polish.
This polish is Amazing for stamping!
I hope to get the collection soon.

Application on this Entire Collection was Smooth and evenly.
Drying time was super Fast too.
On the 4 Jelly Based polishes I choose to start with a color base.
I only applied 1 coat of color and that was because I was going for the opaque look.
Midnight Jewel can easily be a 1 coater.

Even tho I Matted some of these it did not take away from the base.
I mean look at Vintage Lights here.
*First pic*

and last but Not Least......

Feliz Ano!
I used 2 coats plus a TC.
I was in AHHHH with this one.
It's just soooo Amazing.

I used FUN 13 for art by Fab Ur Nails

Colres De Carol has done it again with another Amazing Collection.
Her formula and color selections are amazing.
I love how she switches things up.
If your looking for some amazing Indie Polishes,
and use the coupon code above so you can save and buy more :)

Thank You for visiting My Beach.
I hope you enjoyed your visit and that you will be returning again soon :)

** ps. I have more reviews Still coming :) **

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Amazing swatches and nail art as always!