Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Fun, Fast and Easy Mani with Nicole Diary 113 Stamping Plate

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Today's Mani's is a Fun,Fast and Easy Mani   :)


This is a Smoosh and Twist base with a Golden Accent Nail

I used Nicole Diary ND113 for Art.
You can find this plate Here
**Shipping is Not as Long as it states when you place your order**
Many other have said they have received their order way before the expected delivery date.
I myself have received mine in a sooner time as well.

I do have a review on these plates and I have found that they work best with True Stamping Polishes.

Part One

Part 2 with True Stamping Polishes.

**Now since this order I did order  another plate.
And the new plate I ordered was etched much, much better and
my regular polish worked. So these plates seem to have a variety in etching.

***ALL Plates have worked regardless***
Just some worked Best with "True Stamping Polishes"

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