Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bundle Monster's Essentials Bright 2nd Generation Stamping Polish Review

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Today I would like to share some "True" Stamping Polishes.
I say "True" because these are meant to be used as a stamping polish.
I use traditional "normal" nail polish as a stamping polish sometime too.

So if I use non stamping polishes before why use 
"true" stamping polishes then?..
Well, not All Polishes show over a dark base.
And Not All Polishes stamp solidly either.
It's always nice to add color to your Mani's.
And Colored Stamping Polishes can really make a Mani POP.


**I did misspell Essentials here :( **

Here is the 2nd Generation of Essentials Bright Stamping Polish

These are Very true to color over a White Base.
And probably a light color base as well.

But over a Black base they appear to change in color.
Which isn't always a bad thing.
Sometimes these are the real colors we are looking for.

*Either way I still think this a Great Stamping Polish Set.**

Essentials is spelled wrong below :( 

Macro Shot.
Just look at all that detail.

This is a soft/firm XL clear stamper head.
It is 4cm and it Works!
It has worked non-stop.
And Yes... It will work with other plate brand as well.
And...No.. It does Not Quit on you.
I have used this now probably over 100 images.
And it is still working :) 
Monocle Stamper  is the Working Stamper.

I have a Video Coming Soon to show you how Amazing this  works.

Thank you for Visiting My Beach.
I hope you enjoyed today's post.
And I hope you return again soon. :)

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