Sunday, August 21, 2016

Oily Stampers?? Lets check them and clean them up.

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Today's post is about Oily Stampers.
How to Check them and How to Clean them.
Part 1


In the Video Below I test a Few of my stampers.
Most that I am doing here are the Clear Stampers.

And I do not mention in the video but
*you can use dish soap and wash your stampers and holders.*

*** I have personally had a Bad experience washing my clear stamper***

See, these stampers are fragile.
And I was washing it and rubbing my hands together with it
and one of them had stretched out the silicone and left a nasty tear.
Another time, one slipped down the garbage disposal side.
And a 3rd time, after I have washed it, it made things worse.
I had issues after issues with that stamper.  

Now I am not sure exactly where or why the oil happens.
But it doesn't matter how new or old your stamper is.
My Guess is the oil is coming from the Silicone material.

Now I have had mine all clean before.
And after time, it just builds up.

I found cleaning them with the Alcohol has helped from my 
stamper head from sliding in.
Also, I have learned that the Alcohol has not made my stampers 
to stop working.

And No Matter What NEVER EVER use Acetone to clean 
a Clear Stamper and a Clear plastic holder.

Have you ever cleaned your oily stampers?

Thank you for Visiting My Beach.
I hope you enjoyed your visit.
And I hope you return again soon.

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