Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for a Stamping Polish

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Have you ever ran out of true nail stamping polish and needed a quick fix?

Most of the Good Stamping supplies are only sold online.

When I first started stamping years and years and years ago,
I would always run out of Konad Polish.
That stuff is not cheap either.
I did not know what I know today about stamping.
I am self taught.


These polishes are typically One coaters.
One coaters usually work very well for stamping.

Now they do stamp Great over White and even for tone on tone Mani's.
Some of the colors actually stamp over a Black base as well.
*Their Silver is OMG Amazing*

Years ago.. Like 6years or better Five Below had these 3 for $5
And I also scored some at Dollar Tree back in the day as well.

Now most local stores do sell these.
They cost about $4-$5 a bottle.
I did find a good deal on Amazon recently.
There is 10 bottles for $18.99
That makes them $1.90 a bottle.

*Now my bottles above a very old*
*And need a Very good mixing*
But they still worked Amazing. Even after ALL these years.

Sometimes you need just the right color for stamping.
And Company's online don't always have the right shade your looking for.
These are Great to have on Hand.
And they work with any plate and with any stamper.

Do you use any store brand polishes as a back-up stamping polish?

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I have some more Reviews Coming up Along with some New Nail Art.


  1. You must have read my mind. I was in need of some stamping polishes!