Thursday, May 11, 2017

Born Pretty - Harunouta Stamping Plates,Swatches,Review and Mani's

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today I have some Born Pretty Nail Mail to share with you all.

                                              Born Pretty Nail Art   


 Harunouta -Storage/Protective Sleeve
 Harunouta 31


 Born Pretty -Storage/Protective Sleeve.
 Harunouta- Storage/Protective Sleeve
Harunouta L041
 Harunouta L012
Harunouta L034
Harunouta L045
Harunouta L035

Some quick sample swatches.Harunouta

Direct Link to Harunouta Plates -> Harunouta Stamping Plates Here

Direct Link to Born Pretty Plates -> Born Pretty Stamping Plates Here

And Now to the Mani's :) 

I used Harunouta L35 for art.

I used Harunouta 17 for art.

I used Bp-L061 for art.

I used BP-L54 for art.

 I used Harunouta L020 for art.
I was curious to see what this would look like if I did some layering.
It's  okay looking, I guess. A bit busy tho.
I prefer the one above much better.

I used Harunouta L034 for art.

I used bp-L067 for art.

I used Harunouta L012 for art.

I used Harunouta L041 for art.

Yes.. These are All my Fur Babies :) <3 nbsp="" p="">
I used Harunouta L016 for art.

                    Lots and Lots of Great Stamping plates/Images here.

Check out Born Pretty Store for these and many more amazing Plates.

I am extremely impressed with the high quality these plates are,
and yet how amazingly affordable they are too.          

Thank You for Surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach and
I hope you return again soon :)

xoxo Beaching Nails xoxo        

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