Sunday, June 18, 2017

Crop Top Mani

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today I have a simple gradient Mani
with art to share with you..
I also have a New Brush that makes
gradient Mani's even easier to do now.


Pure Ice SHINE is a Score from Dollar Tree!
This is "Crop Top".

I Started off with a cream base on my accent nails.
Once dried I applied the Cream color on only part of my nail
and the other part I painted it Pink.
While they are still wet I used this Super Amazing
Gradient Brush and just started blended the 2 colors together.

Gradient Nail Art Brush
I bought this Brush from Born Pretty Store
It was on sale for $1.59
I should of bought like 3 or 5. Just so I had back ups.
But I first wanted to test them out too, before I stocked up.

Here's a Close Up of the Brush
I Soooo Love it
and I am getting More ASAP!

For Art I used this BP-L072 Stamping Plate
also from the Born Pretty Store

I also got a New Stamper.
And OMG!!!

I have used these styles before, but Never in a clear stamper head.
I was extremely impressed with this stamper.
1. It worked right from the package. (No Fussing)
2. It's a soft/firm  silicone stamper head (Not to firm tho)
3. Works Great even on Long Curvy Nails.
*The Only down fall was the viewing end.*
*There is a seem right down the middle,so it can be
a pain, But it can also be a Plus too.
It can be used as a guide line :) 

It's a tad cloudy where the seam is.

Have you tried any New Cool amazing Nail Tools Lately??

Base- Pure Ice Shine "Crop Top"
Dollar Tree Score

Stamping Polish-bmc Black

Gradient Brush- Born Pretty Store

Stamping Plate- BP-L072

Clear Rectangle Stamper- Born Pretty Store

Save 10% off any Non-Sale Item 


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