Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Beauty Big Bang Clear Stamper & Stamping Polish Review

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Today I have Beauty Big Bang 
Clear Jumbo Stamper & Black Stamping Polish
to share with you.


http://bit.ly/2AGvqn8 <-- amp="" br="" scrapper="" stamper="">
http://bit.ly/2GvRJhU <-- i="" nbsp="" polish="" stamping="">

I Highly Recommend this stamping polish. 

1. The Black stamping polish is really Bold.
2. A little goes a long way.                           
3. Extremely pigmented.                               
        4. Captures all the fine details without any voids.
5. Very Affordable  ($3.59 )                         
6. No Harsh Smells                                        
** I have been using this stamping polish faithfully for over a dozen Mani's**

It's amazing you guys. Buy 2 or even more.
Get back ups for your back ups. 

 I Absolutely Love this Beauty Big Bang Clear Jumbo Stamper.
Look close at the stamper head here.
You can see that there was no pieces left behind in the center of the stamper.
That's because everything transferred perfectly.

No fussing with priming or prepping your stamper.
Works perfectly ALL the time.
Works on Other Brand plates.
Never Failed me yet.
Affordable ($2.99)

These products are truly amazing you guys. 
I can't wait to order more .

If you haven't yet. Check them out.
There prices and quality are  pretty amazing.

xoxo beaching nails 

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