Monday, June 25, 2012


Here are the 15 Plates they have shared with us so far.
These are not for sale yet ,but will be in the next 3 weeks Cheeky says.  

Here below are swatches of most of these 15 plates.

This is the size.
Now remember this is only a sample set.

Just so you can see what the actual plate looks like.
This is really a great set! I can't wait till I can show you the rest of the collection :)

I have done many Mani's with this set and you can check them out on
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A little about Cheeky!

Founded in 2012, Cheeky’s China office includes a team of professionals in the areas of beauty, design, buying, merchandising and production. The sourcing, development and production of quality and innovative beauty products is our way of life. 
From its first day, Cheeky’s young spirit and ambition were key elements in its evolution. The company set itself a target to become leading and innovative beauty brand with its primary product categories: Nail Art, Makeup and Hair Design.
We strive to be the first company to introduce product innovations to our key industry segments while providing impressive and distinguished value throughout the complete shopping experience. From product quality, variety and packaging to professional customer guide, support and service.
We believe that by employing top notch technologies and business “know how” we are able to find the perfect balance between superior quality and reasonable pricing, thus, satisfy our customers and enjoy their loyalty. 

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