Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

It's Friday :) yah.. Whether your going to the beach or hanging with friends tonight I have the perfect fast mani with zero drying time.

Hello Nail Surfers today's Mani I used Cheeky's Nail Foils. They are very easy to apply and no need for a top coat either.

There's 16 nail foils per pack.
* VERY IMPORTANT* When filing these only go in the downward motion.
The curve fits really good in the cuticle area. 
Here you can see that some of these don't actually fit my wide nails.
As you can see I applied these over a Mani I was about to remove. 
And was long enough for my nails but ,just not wide enough.
It takes maybe 10 minutes to apply and file.
Now that's a fast Mani.

I loved how there was an accent nail foil also.
The mirror affect Mani!
You can purchase these Nail foil stickers  Here
They also sell them for toes too.

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