Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nail Polish Buys

Hello Nail Surfers.. Today's post is a polish trip I made recently .

****Surfers Beware.**** High Tide . (heavy pics)

These came from Five Below.
This white only needs 1 coat. Yep 1 coat,no streaking either.
And they work GREAT for stamping.
Again Five below.
Insta-Dri works Great also for stamping.
Top of double bottle.

They do have small brushes.

But for stamping these are GREAT
Sally's Trip
I still managed to buy doubles.Even with them all in 1 basket..

The I.O.U. they owed me. FREE.

Sally's (same trip as above. Do you spot the doubles? there's 2)

I have found that most of China Glaze stamps very well. And as a base they dry real fast.
I have been using mainly CG lately. Due to these reasons.
Now I do have 900 bottles of all brands mixed that I need to start using more.
I have most in a Helmer cabinet. I thought it was a great idea at the time.
If I am not seeing a color handy I dread looking through the dark drawer. (helmer)

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