Friday, August 3, 2012

NiNja Fighting with Ninja Blood!

Hello Nail Surfers,
               Happy Friday..I did this Mani earlier this week. I wish the ninja stars showed up more on camera. I wanted to keep then Silver VS Black only so it looked more real..I wanted my ninja's to be facing each other so I did the stamp transferring technique. My squishy stamper did not want any part of this. It was to sticky and would not fully pick up the image. So I used 2 Konad stampers and it work great. I also wanted these ninja's to shed blood. I thought it would be easier to use acrylic paint watered down VS polish. This also gives a chance to erase if I didn't like it. 


I used tape to cover skin around nail and wrapped 2 nails to protect them from splatter.

 I used Funky Fingers White  and Wet`N`Wild Black as a base.
IP- OB 22 here
and Mash 47 here


  1. This mani is awesome, you have a great imagination!

  2. Gonna remake those. Kids got beach training karate next Thursday. Looking for a copy of the mash stars don't got any mash plates

    1. Tag me in your Mani Norma :)
      I can't wait to see what you have come up with :)
      BM has an image that may pass as ninja stars..