Monday, September 3, 2012


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Are you ready to hear all about this product I put through a tough test?

Awhile back I read that UV light curing lamps cures regular nail polish too. I priced them out at Sally's and the lamps that had high watts and bigger units with more setting options ran $65.00 and up. I really wanted one but I just couldn't see wasting money for that when I could get so many new polishes or art supplies instead. So I passed on it and never looked back.Till  just recently I noticed Mash Nails offers a unit that claims to cure regular nail polish. As most of you know I change my polish alot and drying time is always a hold up. So I just had to try this out. And Oh WOW! What a major difference.
1. It was way more affordable. $34.99 VS $65 plus at Sally's
2. 36 Watts of power. 
3.It does hands or feet. 
4. 120 second timer or constantly on settings
5. Cures Regular Nail Polish!
6. Easy to set up and use.



Unit and all 4 bulbs are packed to protect!
This Unit can be purchased Here
Even feet fit in here :)
Here I wanted to really test the unit and use 5 different but common nail polishes.
You can see here that there is plenty of room
With a mirror bottom and back wall you can see my whole hand fits with room to spare.
And the most Important test. Does it really dry regular polish?
Starting from the thumb 
CG =1x in lamp till completely dry 
Pure Ice =2X
Sinful 3X
Wet`N`Wild 2X
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear 2X
Every polish is formulated differently and drying time may differ.
It is heat so you should give it time to cool before its 100% cured.(30 seconds atleast)
Above proves that after I used the UV light I was able to stamp without
messing my base coat up and in 6 minutes or less (depending on your polish brand)
I was able to art my nails.
So say good-bye to dings,dents,bed sheet marks,smooched images and 
Hello UV Light!
It just looks so cool. But do be careful and Do Not
look directly at the light.
There is 2 bulbs on the top and 1 on each side giving you even curing time.
The top of the unit gets a little warm to the touch but not hot enough to burn you. 
The sides and bottom stayed cool to the touch.

This is definitely a keeper!
I can honestly say that I would recommend this unit.
It's affordable,functional and user friendly. With it curing regular nail polish fast  it makes nail art alot faster and easier.A must have for us nail stampers especially. But for those who don't stamp we can still say good bye to al -dente nails also a stampers nightmare.

UV light and stamping polish can all be found Here

Have you ever thought about buying  one of these but just wasn't sure?

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I hope you enjoyed my post.
I am still new to all of this blogging so I am sorry if I missed anything out. 


  1. thanks for such an informative post!!!

    1. Your welcome Jackie.. it was alot of fun. And I use this all the time now.

  2. Very interesting post! When you say it cures normal nail polish do you mean that it dries it / sets it totally? Do you need to use a special top coat or anything? Also, how is removal, will the regular polish still come off with normal remover?

    Sorry for all the questions! :D

    1. Lyndsay it does both. No special anything you need. Removal is the same as if I let them air dry.

  3. Great post, I have a couple of questions though. When you say it cures regular polish do you mean it sets it totally hard and dry? Do you need to use a topcoat? Also, what is removal like, does normal nail polish remover still work after you've cured it?

    Sorry for all the questions!

    1. This unit will completely dry regular nail polish without any special topcoats or base coats.Removing the polish is the same as you normally would.

  4. This is cool. I noticed you have long nails. What do you do when you really love an image but does not cover the nail entirely?

    1. Indian Lacquerade I Love my squishy stamper. It helps with some images but not all.With that stamper you can stretch it out a bit without distorting the image. I'll double stamp or do a french tip mani just so I can use the image. Like my houndstooth mani. That would only fit my pinkie as a full nail so I have to make compromises. Hope this helps. :)

  5. Are you worried about UV damage to your hands?

    1. Magicalobizuth Its only in at 2 minutes a times and as long as Im not looking into the light my eyes are safe. :) So my answer would be no Im not worried. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Mahrukh Hayyat ..Thank You. I love this unit. It helps so much to speed things up :)

  7. Ohmy gosh! This is going on my NEED lost NOW!