Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Nail RooM

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

As promised I have some pics of my Nail Room.
I still want to do more to this room.
Paint the walls and I really wanna swap out my light fixture.
Plus add decorations and pictures on the walls.
Oh and a nice rug.
I want something really girly.
Anyways. enough


 I have french glass doors to enter my room.
 I haven't decided yet on curtains or blinds or both.
 I am using these 2 chairs until I can find the right chair for me.
That Blue has to change or alot of art needs to distract it.
I like the wall unit but than I think I'll have more room without it.
It does hold and store alot of my things.
My Hubby is building me a bunch of shelves to put inside the cabinet
doors. I'll have lights all installed inside so I can see all the Polish.
Right now I still have polish here and there.Those colored boxes are
holding polishes along with the Helmer stuck in far wall.
I also have a good amount of acrylic paints too.

I am opened to any thoughts or ideas in decorating my room. :)

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at my Beach :)


  1. Looks great...your decoration could just be rows and rows of polish racks...!

    1. Aww... Thanks mrsrexy :) Im sure your polish stash could be wallpaper racks of polish on your
      Im kinda leaning to maybe a grey wall, (only cuz I have like 3 gals of it) and strip the wall with white and black lines and take the ceiling fan off. Since in nail world those are our hang a larhe Black or clear crystal chandler. Whata think?