Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We All Scream for IceCream

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

I still have many Mani's to share with you.
But today  I am going to show you Mani that is a real treat.
No really it is..


I used China Glaze "Make an Entrance" as a base.

Cheeky's Newest Jumbo Plates 
which can be found on Amazon.com or by 
clicking Cheeky Beauty

I also used CH 42 

Now I know some of you may be asking how in the heck
did I color all that in and not loose the image detail..
Well.. I am going to show you :)

1. Apply clear coat on top of a plastic bag. ( I used a sandwich bag)
2. I painted my nail my base color.
3. Stamp your image over your "Dried" topcoat.
4. Color your image in. (I use acrylic paints,but nail polish works as well)
5. Carefully peel the top-coated image off the plastic. (I use tweezers and slide it under the image)
6. Trim off any excess.
7. Place it on top of your nail with the good side facing up.
8. Apply top coat on top of your home made stamping decal.
(keep in mind**Seche Vite** shrinks your art,and it will shrink your
decal also)
9. After it's all dry you can now apply your favorite topcoat and do you clean up.

Tools to have handy..
* tweezers
*small dotting tool end or an orange stick (helps pull extra's off and way from nail)

Have you made you own stamping decals before?

This is not a "New" technique. It has been around for a few years now.
It's just trending again.

Thank you for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. I am so totally going to try this. I have a ton of plates..

    1. I am glad to hear your going to do this.. It gives your older plates a chance to come back out again too..lol
      Good Luck! and Have Fun!

  2. I starting in decals now, hope to some day (soon) to use the ones i have done allready.
    And by the way... can I eat your nails?! LOL
    Great job!


    1. That's great! I can't wait to see your upcoming Mani's..
      Eat my Nails?...lol.
      Thank You Unhas Fofas da Z

  3. Your blog is such a motivator to try new things. Thanks for taking the time to explain how you do them.

    1. Aww.. Thank You Jim :) And your Welcome :)
      I like to show and use things that don't cost an arm and a leg to do. lol..
      And to show that what ever plates you have new Mani's can be made. Sometimes plates I am forced to use differently due to my length. And I am okay at times with that.. It makes me have to be more creative. :)

  4. I had no idea that's a way to do it! I was trying to get my Disney princesses from the mj plate filled in :P. you're awesome!

    1. Amalia now your on a mission..lol. Just remember that the image will be flipped/mirrored once you apply it.
      So that means "Words" will be backwards To avoid this you stamp on your stamper and leave it there. Than color it in and once it's dry then you clear coat it. once that dries you can apply it and it transfer the right way :).. enjoy :) And Hey!.... Have Fun!

  5. I can't wait to try this!! Pretty mani"

    1. Thank You Manisbymoore :)
      I found it easier to paint the clear coat step before my nails.. This way it gives it plenty time to dry before I stamp on it.. :) Enjoy..
      And Manisbymoore..
      Have Fun with it! :)

  6. So great idea! I'm coloring my stamps on my nails but in other way. I think You did a really great job :)
    I hope You will like my way as well.

    1. Thank You. And which every way is the easiest is the best. I do mine at times on a stamper also. Especially if there's any words on it. Otherwise on plastic it'll be backwards :).. I liked how your ice cream and cake Mani came out as well.

  7. It looks awesome! great idea:)

  8. I suck at nail stamping so i might try this and see how i go!
    Thanks xx

    B xx

    1. Bianca.. I use to suck at stamping also. It does get better. And I would read those words and Practice,practice,practice all the time.. And honestly I hated it..It's true tho to practice. What's going wrong?
      1. not transferring on stamper
      2.not transferring on nail
      3. missing the edges of your nail as you stamp
      4. stamped image smears with top coat

      I can help you if you'd like:)

  9. Which top coat/clear polish do you recommend for this?

    1. Hiya Prissy :)
      I just use cheap clear polish to do the job.
      It seems to be working for me now :)
      I did hear not to use fast drying polish tho. So stay clear of those kinds :)