Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bundle Monster's Nail Foils

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Today I am reviewing Bundle Monster's Nail Foils..
 I am not required to Blog/IG/Pinterest/FB my results..
But come on..
It's Beaching Nails here.
I am posting and sharing everywhere about this and any other products..

Lets. Just get to the chase here..
Picture Time :)



This is the 24 ct package. It comes in a reclosable  bag and costs $18.99

Here's all 24.
For more close up shots visit

This is the foil I picked to try.
 Now for those who have never foiled here are some tips.
#1. Paint your base a close color to the foil you are using.
 ( this helps in case there's any spots that didn't take)
#2. Cut your foil into strips. Make sure you cut them big enough
so they fit the length and width of your nail.
#3. Apply your adhesive.  You have a few choices on your adhesives. 
which I got mine from Dollar Nail Art. They cost $1.50 a bottle 
and a little goes a long way.
b.) THE BEST GLUE EVER. (which Robin Mosses always uses)
that can be found at JoAnn Fabrics. It cost $9.99 Now it is a much
larger bottle and this glue gets watered down a little to make it thinned out.
I have this as well I found mine at Kmart. It costs $5.99
Yes its the same bottle size as JoAnn Farbics but much cheaper at Kamrt for me.
So shop around in your area..
c.)Nail Polish/TC 
Yes regular Polish and TC (Top Coat) will work as well.

*Both Nail Foil Glue and The Best Glue Ever apply the same.*
Which is..
Apply a Thin layer over your base.
This will have a blueish tint once applied.
Do not touch the nail while it is drying.
Drying time is maybe 2 minutes.
Once the blueish haze has gone away you can lay your cut foil
piece on top of your nail.. **Shiny side UP**
I used a Q-tip to rub the foil onto my nail.
You don't have to,but I wanted to make sure I got the corners good.
The foil will start to light off the nail once all the glue has been covered.
Now yes. It is True. There may be some small slivers that didn't cover.
This is why we paint are nails close to the foil color.
It's not noticeable with matching base color. 

*Nail Polish/TC Adhesive*
Using this as an adhesive can be tricky..
You must wait until your nail polish/tc is tacky.
Not wet.
But tacky.

If you try either of these steps and run into issues such as
the foil is not transferring, than it means your adhesive was not ready
or it already fully dried.
#4. Top Coats.
Yes you can tc over them, you can art over them, acrylic paint over them
and stamp over them. But once that tc goes on it will have a reaction with your foil.
It may appear crackly looking.. This should settle down and dry normally for you.
With my experience all of mine had settled down.

These are so fun to use.
I used BM313 and stamped over the foils.

Now for the revealing of the overall review of Bundle Monster's Nails..
This Foil really did Amaze me. I had no issues with the foil.
No prepping either.
Some other foils your have prepping to do before you can use them.
There's no instructions  included.. Which is why I gave you all full details on How-To.
No glue included.
The Foils are stored in a round cylinder but are lightly folding and place  inside.
Some colors are more Flaky than others.
Flaky? You ask.
Teeny  Tiny pieces comes of the foil, which leaves those little voided areas on your foil.

I Rate this product a 4.8 out of 5 Stars.
 I highly recommend these foils.. 

Is this a product that would try?
Tell me what you guys think about these?

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach



    1. I was truly impressed with how amazing these worked.. You'll Love them Geniewtdbh :)

  2. I buy most of my nail foils from in Australia - great deals & loads of designs :)