Monday, September 23, 2013

Today's Number of the Day is 4 and 22.

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today the Shorties have return.
This project has been a load of fun.
My nails are growing out more now and the different sizes are
driving me nuts.. I may just file these suckers just to tame them a tad and get them back into


Sesame Street The Count.
I used MyOnline Shop's MJ 22 plate
along with her Special Stamping Polish  "Purple"
I also used Cheeky Jumbo 4
and added Fresh Paints Matte Finish.

MyOnline Shop's MJXXII (MJ22)

Cheeky Jumbo 4-Top of the Class

Do you mix and match different plate brands to create a Mani?

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. Ok, you gotta cut it out. Every time I come here you have a new mani which then becomes my favorite you have ever done. I loved Sesame Street growing up and Grover was my favorite next to Ernie (we didn't have Elmo when I was young)
    I wanted to ask you, do you like MyOnlineShop's polish better than Mundo de Uñas? I ordered 8 bottles from Mundo de Uñas and love them. Was going to order more but was also going to place another order for some FUN plates, since I love the first one I got a couple weeks ago with the Doctor Who designs, but didn't know which one is best.
    But great job and I love what you are doing each time you post. I am trying to master the technique but certainly haven't gotten 'good' yet. I have a hard time placing the image exactly where I want it. And have a hard time with certain images on certain plates.
    Also, have you bought any plates from any of the sellers from AliExpress? I have several and the Kand Plates all work great but the faux Konads all are crap. Which is a bummer as I love the designs but am not paying $5-$8 per plate for generic style designs when I can get FUN plates or the MoYou plates (OMG, they are amazing and great customer service, I wish I could get all the MoYou plates)

    1. aww.. Thank You LetsEatCake.
      I like them both.
      Mundo de Unas does have alot more colors to offer.
      They both stamp amazing. Mundo de Unas is more pigmented than Myonline Shop's. And Myonline Shop's seem alot thicker than than Mundo de Unas. With Mundo de Unas a little really goes a long way.
      Image placement is hard. I am not going to lie. I actually struggle alot with placement. Even on full nail images I some how always managed to miss a corner or stamp crooked. What I find best for me is the squishy stamper. Placement is much easier to press into verses rolling the image.. MyOnlineShop has them in stock again.. They are Great!
      Fun Plates are here....

      Mo You of London Plates are here...

      I have bought plates there before as well. Some sellers have better quality than others. Always read those reviews and check for highest stars on seller feedbacks.. And if your still worried than chat with the seller and stress your concern.

      I am glad your enjoying these shorties.. I have really fallen for them now..
      Thank You LetsEatCake (: