Friday, August 22, 2014

Above the Curve Glow in the Dark Collection

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today we have a Glow in the Dark Collection.
But it's not like any other Glow in the Dark Polish.
This is Indie Polish! 
And it truly does glow.
Above the Curve Nail Polish has done it Again.
Another Amazing Collection!!

Lets get to the good stuff now. :)

*****HIGH TIDE*****


The Glowing Power is just AMAZING.

This is 2 coats plus a Top Coat.

Macro Shot Above.
I am still in Ahh with these amazing colors.
Glow with the Flow has a Silver Holo/Shimmer 
It's Electric has a Gold Holo/Shimmer
Lite Brite has a Blue and Silver Holo/Shimmer.
All 3 of these are 2 coats. No Top Coat was added.
And if you look closely you will even see more colors in these polishes.

 So of course I always want to test the limits with these polishes.
And every Challenge I dish out  it always Wins.

I even Challenged this polish to paint over Metal Studs.

I started off with a White base coat  and then did a gradient
with It's Electric and Glow with the Flow. 

I used XXL I for art.

Here is "It's Electric".
I painted 2 coats over a White base plus a Top Coat.
I choose to use a White base so my Orange would be brighter.

These suckers have such a bright glow that it illuminates.
I used Bundle Monster BMH 07 

I used 2 coats of "Lite Brite"
This Purple is Oh So Amazing!
I used XXLF plate for art.

Here's the Collection working together.
As you can see, each color Glows differently than the others.
I started with a thin White base. Then I added each color.
I tried to stay on an angle during application.
I did 2 coats of each color than applied a Top Coat.
I used Cheeky XLC plate for art.

I love how I can use this collection for 3 seasons.
Spring, Summer and Fall.
It's Electric is a perfect example of how versatile they can be.
2-3 coats of Lite Brite  with a Halloween theme.
I wonder how amazing this would be in a Splatter Mani..
hmmm I may just have to do a swatch stick of that tonight now..

Above the Curve Nail Polish  is an Outstanding Indie Maker.
And I absolutely Love that they Donate a portion of each bottle sale to a Charity.
 Now that is One Amazing Company!

Do you have any Glow in the dark polishes?
Do they work like these?
I have a few, but none shine like these do.

Thank you for surfing my wave. I know this one was a big one.
But I like sharing with you, all the things I like to do to Challenge these  polishes.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


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  1. I don't own any glow in the dark polishes, but I found them very interesting, maybe someday I will add at least one in my collection. Love the stamping you have done for each manicure! I wish you a great Friday and weekend!