Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Myonline Shop's Jr 40-49 plus MJXLVIII Review

Hello Nail Surfers 

Welcome to My Beach

Today I will be sharing and reviewing  MyOnline Shop's latest additions. 

All of the plates are Available now for purchase.



Plate size is 14.5 cm X 9.5cm
Full Nail image is 2cm X 1.5cm

jr 40
Hello Kitty Fans!!! 
Plate size is 12cm X 6cm
Full Nail Image is Almost 2.5cm X Slightly over 1.5 cm wide  (2 dashes short of being 2cm wide)
I just check my other jr plates and they measure the same as these.
That makes the jr full nail images are slightly larger than the MJ full nail images.

jr 41
jr 42
jr 43
jr 44
jr 45
jr 46
jr 47
jr 48
jr 49

I used 2 different plates here.
MJXLVIII & jr 48 for art.
MyOnline Shop 's plates are always etched perfectly.
I like to test hard. I always go for those image that look tricky.
And I never find a problem with this maker.
Here I was checking for details. And to see if the image would stamp
clearly. And everything came out perfect.

For those Hello Kitty Fans. There is an entire plate just for you. :)
I used jr 40 here for art.
Everything stamped perfectly!

I used jr 41 for art.

Macaroons Anyone??
I have never tried one personally, but I hear they are pretty good.
I used jr 42 for art.

I had some fun here with double stamping.
I used jr 43 for art.
I wished I would of used the smaller envelope image on this plate.
The bigger ones are nice, but I stamped it in the center and I cut off  the edges 
that had 1/2 envelopes. Now mine just looks like 4 in the center.
But it all worked out in the end.

Here was a fun one.
I used Watercolors over my White base to create the base look.
For art I used jr 44 

Here's another layering look I created.
I used jr 45 & jr46 

I used jr 47 & jr 49 for art.
I actually had stamped in a Brown first but it wasn't bold enough so
I stamped over it with black to pop more.
The little stitched up bear is from jr 49 
I added a Matte finish just over him so he wouldn't have a major glare on him.
I was very pleased to see that all the details in the bear.

I have always been a fan of Myonline Shop's plates.
The quality is always great and shipping is fast too.
The image sizes are the standard sizes of most newer plates these days.
So if your looking for great quality  with unique images  them shop
 And no this isn't my store. It is the store's name.

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.
And I hope you return back soon. :)

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