Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Myonline Shop's Stamping Mat Review

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I'm sure many of you have heard about these stamping mats.
And if not that's ok too. Because after all that time I finally 
got to try one personally.

Now there are many uses for these mats.
They all work in the same way.

You must lay a TC layer before you stamp.

Myonline Shop's Mat is  a High Quality Silicone Mat that is 
12 X 16 in size.
It is Acetone Resistant.
It is extremely Flexible and can be Folded up too. Or Rolled up if you prefer.

What is Different about Myonline Shop's Mat is the sample hands and nail shapes
on the sides and bottom of the Mat.  
There is plenty of space in the center for you to stamp in.
I like all the different nail names and shapes at the bottom.
It's a great reference if you ever decide to switch your shape up.


You Must lay TC or a Polish color down first.
Once it's dry you can stamp away :)

*Now with some Mats you have to use certain kinds of stampers.*
NOT with this one you :)
All styles of stampers work on Myonline Shop's Stamping Mat.

One really neat thing I learned was with my Sticky Stamper.
*The one in the picture* Buy Myonline Shop as well.
What I learned was the stamped image only went ontop of the nail where I had TC.
The remaining image stayed on my stamper.
Which was pretty cool. It meant less clean up.

I colored my image in using Acrylic Paints.
And once it was dried I peeled up.
It really does peel off so easily and smoothly.

But if you leave them on to long.
Like an Hour. When you peel them off you have to be really carefully.
They will try to crack some when you start.
The Black nail tips work the same as the clear nails.

Now of course I must play around more and see what else I could do.

Top Right pic is just Plain Acrylic Paint.
After the paint dries I applied a TC.
And once that dried.
A Decal was Born :) 

Here is the Mani I created using the Stamping Mat.
I Really Really Love my Final outcome.
I used jr 41 By Myonline Shop
 and BPL-032  By Born Pretty Store

The Stamping Mat is on SALE Right now for $10.00
I do not know how long the sale will run for tho.
But I do know Shipping is from the States.
So it comes pretty fast,

Have you tried a Stamping Mat yet?
I was pretty impressed myself.

If you make decal Mani's often this is for you. :)
Or if your tired of ruing your workstation surface or even Kitchen table than this 
is Defiantly for you too.
( I have personally had some polish accents on my kitchen table before)
I wish this was out years ago!.
It is so worth it!

Thank You for visiting My Beach.
I hope you return soon.


  1. I started stamping three years ago. Now I enjoy it so much! Though I also love to be given a professional manicure at my favourite mini nail factory . Super talented nail artists always know what I want.