Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Stamper Heads by MyOnline Shop Review

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Today I am sharing with you XL Stamper Heads from MyOnline Shop.


These are made out of Silicone.
And are 4cm wide.
They are Jumbo  size.
These come in a set of 2. Neon Yellow and Neon Green.
They are Very Sticky and really soft. 
*Kinda like Marshmallow but not fully Marshmallow.*

As you can see on the Black card, they are oily.
So make sure you give them a good wipe down and don't
store them back in the baggie they come in.
This baggie will put oil back on them.

The stamper heads preformed Great!
I had solid image transferring every time on my nails.
I have been using these stampers now for at least a good week.
I like to try them on myself before I post/review them.

So All those Mani's I did in my previous post was with these stamper heads.
Here's another Mani I did using these stamper Heads.
For art I used MJ XXXIV 

Now Remember this is just a Stamper Head Set.
***No Holder is included***

If your looking for Jumbo Stamper Heads that are Sticky-Soft *Marshmallow Like*
Then check out MyOnline Shop
She does ship from the states.
So shipping is usually fast. :)

Thank You for visiting My Beach.
I hope you enjoyed your visit and return back soon again :) 

**ps I do have More Review coming** 

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