Monday, August 22, 2016

Pink Tropical Paradise Mani

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today's post is a Mani I did last week.

Which is really taking priority,since I have about a dozen
of Mani's I've done before this.

Like,I have this dry brush Mani,with all sciencey  stuff on it.
And I did this smoosh and twist base but I did casino art over that.
And then there's this Maroon base with colorful scrolls.

I better stop chatting here so I can post


Did I ever tell you Pink is my Favorite Color?
I don't use it alot.
I actually use it less.
And I think it's because I am trying to savor all my pinks.
They just look so pretty :) <3 .="" p="">

I actually used Bundle Monster's Hottie Tottie Stamping Polish as my base.
I applied 1 coat of White Polish and then did a Smoosh`n`Roll using
White and Hottie Tottie together.
(It's just like a Smoosh`n`Twist but instead of Twist you Roll ;) )

I used BM-S409 from the HangLoose Collection by Bundle Monster
I used the words " So Cal" from this plate.
This is also from the HangLoose Collection by Bundle Monster.

I used the Bird on the Top Right Corner on my middle finger.
This plate is also part of the HangLoose Collection.

I used Dark Knight by Funky Fingers as my stamping polish.

I used the Monocle XL Clear Stamper by  Bundle Monster.

I am Really Impressed with how all these plates work so well together.

I have not put this set away since I've received it.
There is so many creations to be made still.

Just yesterday I did a Mani that did not consist of this collection as my main art.
But, then I quickly added a little something-something that did come from collection.
And it's something that is small.
But, Man... It sure added it's own twist to the creation.

Thank You for visiting My Beach.
I hope you enjoyed today's post.
And I hope you return again soon.

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