Saturday, May 27, 2017

hehe Stamping Plates Review and Swatches

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today I have hehe Stamping Plates to share with you.


Each Plates come with a Protective Sleeve.

ERZ 001

ERZ 002

These Plates Stamped Perfectly

hehe 097
hehe 098
hehe 099
hehe 100
hehe 101
hehe 102 

hehe 097-102 Swatches
hehe 103
 hehe 104
 hehe 105
 hehe 106
 hehe 107
 hehe 108
hehe 103-108 Swatches

I really like the variety these plates have to offer.
Everything stamped perfectly!
And every plate comes with its own storage sleeve.

^^ They have Lots of Cool plates to choose from.^^

Thank you for visiting my Beach.
I hope you return again soon, so you can see some Mani's
I created using these hehe plates

xoxoBeaching Nails

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