Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alert..New Set Coming SOON!!!

Hey Nail Surfers,

Have you heard? Cheeky has shown all their new plates for the Summer Set Collection! All of them..
Which means I can now post 2 mani's I did ahead of time for 2 plates. :) I'll post them here soon.
Heck I'll just post them now with Cheeky plate preview. :)

The Full set!
Now the mani's I made.
CH 33
A closer view.
.Now keep in mind I'm working with just a sample set.
Cheeky has fixed all the kinks out already:)
Crisper images and bigger images too :)
CH 38
Sharks,Blowfish,Dolphins,Seashells with Sand,
Seahorse and a Crab.
A Closer View.
As you can see the sample set does not fit my nails great,
plus the image has a curve for french tip but that forces me to have my 
art face me and I prefer it going outwards. So I lost a few cm of the image.
BUT... Cheeky is making the images bigger :) so I can't wait to use these all again.

Which is your Favorite plate?
Are you planning on adding this set to your collection?

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