Monday, July 30, 2012

Marilyn Monore

Hello Nail Surfers.
.Hows your weekend going so far?  Mine is going pretty good. :)  I am having loads of fun making all these mani's.. I have alot to still with you guys. This particular Mani I loved so much. I hated to take it off. I usually don't do the same mani 2X ,but with all my plates and certain images I will defiantly do it again and hopefully the 2ed time around it can last longer than a day or so.  

Originally I had planned with black film strip stamp,
and stamping Marilyn in a beige glitter.
I didn't take a picture with her on here but it was hard to really see her,
so I took all this off and went back to the drawing board.
And now she is visible. I reversed the colors and it worked great.
The white is Funky Fingers
CG Fast Track for the film strips
sinful Blk for Monroe
Plates can be found here
I am really impressed with how great My Online Shop/Fab ur Nails
plates work. I am hooked with her plates.She has sooo many new and unique images.

Whats your Favorite mani that you have done and will redo again?