Wednesday, August 1, 2012

He Loves me :) ;He Loves me not :(

Hello Nail Surfers,

 I have been busy painting like crazy. There are so many great nail plate sets and I've been using them all.
When ideas come to me I gotta do it. I really need to just keep a book of my ideas and use them as I go, but whom I kidding. We all get excited for certain images, designs,plates and plate sets. And that same excitement is how I feel on nail art ideas. I have heard alot of people saying that they soo want the new Cheeky Set, But with the other sets already released and purchased some think their significant other my not feel that same excitement. So they want to do a special Mani's for their man using Cheeky's new plate #53.

I used 2 coats of CG Pink Plumeria
which is thin and kinda runny 
So take your time with this color.
White is Funky Fingers 1 coat :)
IP- CH 53 with Sinful Black

Would you do a special Mani for you man?
I do all the time and he loves it.


  1. very cute, if I had a bf, I would do a mani for him!!!

    1. It could mean Best Friend too.. And thank you :)