Friday, November 9, 2012

Cheeky Beauty Has X-Mas

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

How  many of you cashed in on Cheeky's Mega Sale a month or so ago?

Well I just had to have as many as I could. 
I truly LOVE these Jumbo Plates. I like how they give different
sizes and mirrored images as choices. It's Great for all types of nails,
even kids nails too. A very clever idea they had there.
Anyways many of you may have over looked some of these Jumbo
plates. Cheeky does have X-Mas images on Jumbo L. And not like 1-2 images either.
I had a tough time just deciding which images were going to make my final cut. There's
plenty of options with this plate to make great X-Mas Mani's.


These are all the products I used plus my UV Light from MASH
Cheeky Jumbo L,Cheeky's soft cotton rounds,
Funky Fingers Black,White &Platinum Record,
W`NW Red,Fresh Paints Spruce Street.
A polish remover pen & cuticle oil pen brush.

Do you want Santa to leave you any  nail goodies under your tree?
I know I do. I'll trade cookies and milk all day for nail goodies.
For your Santa List..
Cheeky Jumbo L Here
Cheeky Soft Cotton Rounds Here
MASH UV Light Here

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.



  1. How did you get Santa's boots black? Amazing!

    1. She probably just dropped a dot of black on that section of the stamping plate (the boots) and red for the body, then swiped the excess to the right rather than top to bottom to make sure the colors didn't bleed into eachother. Sorry--- I didn't mean to steal you thunder Surfer Girl.

      Love these little Xmas stamps!

    2. Hello lovenailpolish :) NoturMommasNails is correct.
      :) And Thank You NotIrMommasNails. :)