Monday, November 12, 2012

Gals Cosmetics Stamping Plates

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

I now have a finished copy of the Gals new sets.
"Fairy Set" and "Princess Set"
Today I decided to use GA 34
It's an image that can really be placed at the top of your nail or the tip.
Which makes it so much easier for those with long nails.
These sets stamp great.Which is always good to hear.
These images are wide enough for my nails but miss
the full length for me. But I can always use these images in different 
 and unique ways or just file my nails more often to fit perfect. 
I can also just use my "squishy" stamper and stretch the image to fit better also.


**High Tide Warning**

Gals sets can be purchased at
in about 2-3 wks they will be ready for sale.
Here you can see the extra overage on the sides of my nails.
These are Cheeky's decorations. Look how cute that
little puppy is. I used the blue cross to match my colors.
Look how detailed these plates are.
Another close up. As you can see I have clean-up to do,
But I wanted to show that there is actually overage.
I have wide nail beds. And I was very pleased that these actually
All cleaned up and I've added my Blue cross as an accent.
These decorations can be purchased Here
There's so many choices with these nail wheels. 
I wanna use them all.
Thank You Cheeky 
and Thank you Gals Cosmetics.

So after seeing more Mani's using these Gals Sets
What do you guys think about them?
Ya or Nah
How about those decorations?
They lay flat on the nail. Its kinda like the puffer stickers as a kid,
but minus the bulkiness and sticky part.

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.

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