Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Minty Twist to a Valentine's Day Mani

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

I have lots and lots of Mani's to share with you All today.
But to keep each Mani special in it's own way,
each Mani will get its own Post. Aww how

I have Cheeky Beauty's Newest Jumbo Plates for samples.
All Ten plates to play with.
Now I can only post Mani's of the Plates that they them self 
have posted on their Facebook Wall.


I used Cheeky Jumbo 3 "European Romance" Plate

These images do stamp extremely well.
There is also the curve in the image for those who like to use it for French Tip Art.
The images are on the large side.
These plates have been delayed for release now.
It's expected to hit Amazon now in 4-7 wks.
I used a Mint Green and White polish for the gradient
and also for the water marble.
I stamped with my Trusty OLE Black stamping polish by Mash Nails.

Which Image is your favorite?
I think all these images here can be useful in some way.
I want to test out the plaid/argyle image still.

Thank you for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach


  1. I am dying to find out when/if they are really going to release these plates. I am in the US & the only place I can find mention is on & have put them on my wishlist but they are still 'unavailable' They aren't even on cheeky's own site yet. Have you heard any news on a release date? There are some really neat new plates if they would be available.

    1. LetsEatCake.. Hello :) Cheeky said these Plates will be released now in 2-3 weeks :) in the US will have them :) I too live in the US.

      Here is a link