Friday, February 1, 2013

A Valentine Mani Rush

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

With Valentine's Day around the corner I started my Holiday Mani's.
I had received Bunny Nails - Nail Plates HD-A & HD-B Holiday Plate.
I got these plates just in time for the Holidays. 


Each Plate Measures 14.5x9.5cm 
Full Nail Patterns Measure 2x2.5cms approx.
These Plates cost $15.99 each and She is offering Free Worldwide Shipping on her HD Plates
These Plates do not have a backing on them, but the corners and edges are
smooth. I made my own backings out of shipping labels just so I didn't 
scratch these beauty's up.
 I used HD-B and Mash's Black & White Stamping Polish
They stamp amazing. And the images fit so nicely even on my
long nails. I don't need to stretch out an image to fit anymore.
 I used HD-A & HD-B 
Mash's Special Stamping Polish Black & White
I used HD-A and MyOnline Shop Stamping Polish Grey and Silver
and Mash Nails Matte Polish

What's your opinion on these Holiday Plates?
I like how they have unique images. These Holiday images seem
to be forgotten in all of the other Company Sets, So it's a 
Great addition to the plate family. 

You can buy

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. I really love your first two manis when I saw thm on fb I thought they were cheeky plates! I love how the images are on one large plate :)

    1. Thank You Amalia J.
      I love the large plates also. :)