Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mustaches for Maddie

Hello Nail Surfers 

Welcome to My Beach

Cheeky Beauty has previewed the next plate on their Face Book page.
"Home Sweet Home"
Plate 7
These plates are due to be ready for release in 
3-4 weeks now. They will offer them in sets as well.
And if you missed it before, Cheeky had said that this year they
will also be selling on EBay as well.

Last night on the news I heard a story about a little girl who had
2 tumors growing in her head  that are the size of golf balls.Doctors had 
already removed about 90% of them. Maddie is recovery now in the hospital.
She had always loved pictures of mustaches. ( she thinks there funny)
So in support for "Mustaches for Maddie"
I dedicate this Mani for her. :)


I used Mash Nails Matte Finish along with my "trusty" Mash Stamping Polish
The hat is from Bunny Nails HD-B
Cheeky's 2013 Jumbo Plate 7
Accent Finger I used W109
Mash Nails Black Velvet.

Have you done a Mani and dedicated it for someone?

I really enjoyed making this Mani and I hope Maddie
gets to see what I made for her.

Thank you for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.

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