Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bundle Monster Binder Review

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

I had the honor to review Bundle Monster's New Pink/Purple plate binder.
I picked the Pink binder because that's my Favorite color.

Bundle Monster now offers 3 different colors of stamping plate binders.

I have two out of the 3 colors now.
This Pink Binder costs $15.99
And Bundle Monster is always giving extra savings and even giveaways.

***SURFS UP***

I really take reviewing and testing to heart.
I try my hardest to see if  these products hold up to their name.
And Bundle Monster "does" .
I pulled,tugged and twisted on  this binder to see if anything would happen to it.
 Bundle Monster Passed :)
 Top Left- The front of the case
Top Right- a view of the pages and slots 
Bottom Left- First look inside, soft velour grey lining.
Bottom Right- Backside of binder
Extreme Close-Ups!
Top Left- Bundle Monster's New Logo -bmc
Top Right-The slots that hold the plates
Bottom Left-Soft Grey velour lining
Bottom Right- The pattern that the entire outside binder looks like

This Binder holds 168 plates.
It is very compact and yet sturdy.
I love how feminine it is.
But if Pink isn't your thing, They also carry Purple.
It's Soft
It's Pretty 
It's Durable
It's Reasonable priced
It's Functional
and It's Mine :)

Thank You Bundle Monster.

Don't forget to sign up for BM newsletter 
and check them out on FB-Twitter (yes they tweet)-Instagram and Google Plus
They do giveaways and offer discount codes.

How do you store your plates?

I use 4 BM binders to store mine.

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach

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  1. Replies
    1. awesome!!!.. That's the next color I am going to get :)
      Now keep room for that new 2013 collection BM is releasing at the end of Summer :)

  2. I love mine, I bought the pink one like you :)

    1. hehe.. I <3 Pink :)...
      I am glad you got 1 too :)
      Now just save room for that 2013 set coming near the end of Summer :)

  3. Does it hold larger plates? Great info!

    1. Kristin.. Unfortunately it does not.. Just the small round plates.. It hold the any plate that is the same size as BM plates.

  4. Do you know if the purple one is flexible like the pink one?

    1. My guess would be yes- Color Changes Everything..
      They have the same exact cover design and the material appears to be exact as well.. Just the color is different.

  5. Definitely added to my WL, I've been looking for a good plate holder for a while now!