Friday, July 12, 2013

Bundle Monster Holiday Set Review

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today I have a Huge Tidal Wave of pics to share.
This is the Bundle Monster Holiday Set.
You get 25 plates in the set for $21.99
I used a coupon code to save 10% off.
It was Thanks
You can still try it and see if it works for you.
Bundle Monster is usually always running extra sales.



Now onto the swatching of each image..

That's All 150 Images in the Bundle Monster Holiday Set
Which breaks down to $0.88 a plate.
Yep. that's right Only 88 Cents a Plate.

Me personally the set was a must have.
There's many images that I just love.
And there are other images that I felt that could of had more detail tho.
There's a few images that do not stamp well. Just a few tho.
And with Bundle Monster having Great customer service I know these
plates will be replaced with no problems.
The plates are the same size as their BM2 Set and the images appear 
to be the same sizes as well. 
I had taken 200 photo's in total  and some how 
I had forgotten to take one with a ruler.

Oh and Bundle Monster is still releasing a Regular Plate Set as well this Year :)
I'll be keeping an eye out for those  previews.

Well Surfers....
What do you think?
Is this Holiday Set something you could use?

Thank You for surfing my Tidal Wave today.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach..


  1. What a great review you did. You really put a bunch of time into this. Thanks!!

    1. Hiya Lena :).. I do put alot into it.. But this is how I would <3 to see plates my self.. I am all about that For some reason seeing them bigger makes a world of difference. :)

  2. Thank goodness you reviewed these! i can purchase now. Thank you!

    1. Did you get them yet Kristin?..
      I am glad this review help you :)

  3. Before I saw this I was not wild about this set. Right now, with money so tight, the criteria for buying a plate set is that there has to be at least one image on every single plate that I can see myself using. Didn't think this set fit that category, but I have now changed my mind. Now if some money would magically appear in the bank....

    1. lol.. I understand Tina... I hope you get them soon :)

  4. I got this set but haven't had any holidays yet! Your black is amazing, I usually just use a cheapie magnetic polish for stamping paper :)

    1. Thank you Amalia :)
      Some of these images can still be used now.. Just think outside the box... Orange and Black make Halloween but if we add flowers to it it's not so Holiday like colors anymore :)... Yes the Funky Fingers Black is Amazing for stamping... I need to get a bunch more.

  5. Oh I think it's an amazing price considering I've paid almost as much for just one plate before!

    1. I feel your pain there Amaila :).. The price for the collection is very reasonable. :)
      Remember to keep your eye out for the 2013 BM collection.. Yes BM said end of Summer, then I just read today that said end of Summer but unexpected changes may occur and to keep an eye on them.. :)

  6. I just got these and the images seem huge, lots larger than the second series... did you ever do a comparison? I'll have to look and see as well. Awesome review, thanks for doing this :)

    1. I normally measure them or compare to another common plate. But I had for gotten to here. If you stamp with a Konad stamper the image may not stamp as big VS stamping with a squishy which usually tends to stretch the image as your stamping.

  7. they've been known to replace plates if they don't stamp that well? didn't know that, but for the most part most of the images work well? Because I'm heavily considering purchasing this set when I purchase the create-your-own set.