Sunday, November 29, 2015

Born Pretty Store Mixing Balls Review

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 I hope everyone had a Wonderful Holiday this past week.

I have Born Pretty Store Mixing Balls.

These are extremely affordable and well worth it too.
They come in sets of 20 or 100 count.


How many polishes do you have that look like this?
This is a DIY Jelly polish.
But after time everything settles and I would really have to shake this 
extremely good to mix it.

I only added 1 Mixing Ball in this and it worked perfectly.
I barely had to shake it because the mixing ball did most of the work for me.

These mixing balls can also be added to regular nail polish as well.

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to save 10% off ANY Non-Sale item at

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I have many reviews coming soon....


  1. I could need something like this. Hopefully I'll remember to pick some up next time I send an order.

    1. They are very handy to have Dina. I too have been putting it off and forgetting to get them. But I am soooo Glad I finally did.