Thursday, March 17, 2016

CbL Stamping Polish Review

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Today I have ALL 15 of the Colors by Llarowe stamping Polishes.

I have tested all of these over a light and dark base.

***Pre-Order is March 19,2016  form 12pm-8pm MST at

Holo Polish is Pure Gorgeous on it's own.
And it's usually really hard to art over them because you don't want to cover up
that Gorgeous base.
Well Now You can Stamp with that Gorgeous base.
Thanks to Llarowe

AT the very end of this post I have added 3 video's of these polishes in Action :)




I used Fab Ur Nails Fun19 for art swatches above.

Amethyst Glow

Chimney Sweep & Turq'd

I used Fab Ur Nails Fun 5 for art

Enchanted Forest.
I used Bunny Nails HD-B for art.

Golden Rule.
Shiny TC and Matted TC.
I used Bunny Nails BuNa-B

Lilac Petals & Amethyst Glow
I used Born Pretty BP75 for art.

Sparkling Diamonds & Lilac Petals
I used Bundle Monster BMXL204 for art.

Accent nail is one coat plus a TC.
The others I stamped with Panther.
I used Born Pretty BP22 for art.
Bp22 can be found here

Pink Lady
I used MyOnline Shop MJXLI for art.
MJXLI can be found here


I used MyOnline Shop's jr3 for art.

Roaylity stamped over a White Base.
I use MyOnline Shop's MJV for art.
MJV Plate can be found here

I used Sparkling Diamonds and Blue Skies.
I used them as a base and then used the opposite color for stamping and then doubled stamped with Black polish.
I used Bunny Nails BuNa-F for art.

The Heart Bleeds & Amethyst Glow
My pointer and pinkie has "The Heart Bleeds" as a base.
I stamped over those with "Amethyst Glow".
My center two fingers is Yon-Dale (by
I stamped with "The Heart Bleeds"
Art is was a press sample plate.

I used MyOnline Shop's MJXLVIII for art over a Black base.
MJXLVIII can be found Here

This is on the 2 outer fingers as a base and I stamped
using this on my center 2.
For art I used Fab Ur Nails Fun5

I applied 2 coats here plus a TC on my outer 2 fingers.
These where so shiny that it was hard to capture the art.

So I decided to change one finger out and start with a White base.
I used Shifty for stamping.
It was still really shiny and my camera just would not show what
I wanted it.
So I matted them and now we can all see it :).

Chameleon & Shifty
I started with the center 2 fingers as a black base.
And the outer fingers were each color.
I was really pleased with the last Matted Mani
that I wanted to do it again.
I used Fab Ur Nails Fun 5 for art.

All 15 of these Stamping Polishes can be used as a base polish too.
They all stamp over a dark base.
There is NO Smell.
A little goes along way :)
Pre-Order is March 19,2016 from 12pm-8pm MST
**It's also nice to use Liquid Latex as a barrier for easy clean-up.
I really like this one Here
Polishes in Action!!

Thank You for visiting My Beach.
I hope you enjoyed the scenery and return back soon.


  1. I want these!! They are soooo pretty!

  2. You have done such a terrific job reviewing these! I am dying over your manis! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the beautiful photos.