Friday, March 18, 2016

CICI&SISI Persian Green Stamp Set 6 Review

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Today I have the New CiCi & SiSi Persian Green Stamping Collection.
Jumbo 6 set.


It comes with a handy storage book.

All 6 plates will have a Blue film on them,that needs to be removed before use.
A Small Squishy Stamper and Scrapper is included.
I wiped my stamper with pure acetone and it worked perfectly.
I use my own plastic scrapper.
*Metal scrappers can scratch your plates*
Plate size is 4X6

Full nail image is 2cmX1.5cm 

This set has lots of potential.

I used plate 31.
I stamped over a White base and then colored the flowers in with water colors.
This is the water color set I have

It's bright,wild and crazy.
And I love it.
I used plate 35 
This is my fault here on stamping.
I did not top coat them before I started to wash dishes. :(
So some of the stamping came off.
This is why we Must top coat.

I was able to reuse my previous base.
And this time I wanted something more fun and bold.
I used plate 35 again for art.

I was so pleased with how things turned out,
that I decided to even have more fun and added these guys :)

What I really like about this set is the variety of images.
They are unique and fun.
Some images a bit bubbly and childish, but sometimes a Mani may
call for that kind of image.
I used plate 35 for 3 different styles of Mani's.
There's not many plates  these days that offer such a variety.
And the plates that did...
oh I cherish those ;)
Just like I will these.

CICI&SISI Persian Green Collection can be found on Amazon.

I can't wait to play with plate 36.
I see many different Mani's on this on.
Lead Lighting
Fun Bright back ground

Which plate in this set is your favorite?

Thank You for visiting My Beach
And I hope you return back soon.

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