Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Bling Bling"

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today I tried Mash's Bling Nail Art Stickers. 16 come to a pack and they are very blingy.
Now I have long nails, but not super long nails. These stickers just cleared my middle finger in length.
I also have wide nail beds too and I have yet to find the perfect nail sticker for my nails. All 10 of my nails that is. Now I do enjoy using these as accents fingers and they surely add the bling to my Mani.
Here's my NOTD.

High Tide Warning!!!

You can purchas these Bling stickers  Here
Mash Plates do stamp extremely well and I havn't had any stamping issues.
They do have a protective backing to prevent sharp edges.
To order your Mash Plates go Here
You get 25 plates for $15.99
These Bling Nail Stickers do stick extremely well.
I did use a base coat to protect my natural nails. 

Have you tried any Nail stickers?
Would you use them on all 10 nails or as accent fingers?

Thank You for Sufing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed My Beach. 

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