Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fire Pit

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today I have a Mani to share with you  that I used my printer with.
The printer does come pre-loaded with images and this was 1 of thousands I could choose from.
I still need to update the system with new photos that the company continues to update with new images.
The machine does not have built in Wi-Fi so I need an extra adapter.
I see a great improvement already from the last time I used it. The customer service on this is OMG Awesome. I talk directly to the owner. He will even help me understand the extra photo programs that came with my machine. I need to call him again this week and discuss some questions I have.To me I feel the images should be alot more crisp than what I am getting. I feel that maybe my fingers are to close to the ink cartridge or maybe I'm using to much IRC. As you may remember last time I wasn't sure if i was keeping this or not. Well there is a no return policy,since this is a salon quality machine and they mainly deal with bushiness VS the public. I could probably sell it back to them but I'm just gonna keep it. :)
Its like any new electronic you get, your lost at first but you learn all the tricks in no time. 

My cold is still here unfortunately. I am hoping to get back to stamping soon :)

"Fire Pit"

Super Zoomed

Using my printer give me fast instant art.
I really should my machine more plan I do already.
Oh and this unit uses  regular printer ink. :)

Thank You for surfing my wave today.
I hope you enjoyed My Beach.


  1. Interesting gadget. Do you use topcoat after the design is printed?

  2. Indian Lacquerade. Yes I use a top coat. If a nail doesn't print they way I want it to ,I just wipe it away with some water ,dry it than reapply IRC than print again.. I just got UV topcoat so it seals the art better.