Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello Nail Surfs

Welcome to My Beach

I really want My Beach to stay on the wave and just chat,post,etc. about nails here.
But I feel I need to share my lack on posting. I have been sick with a nasty sinus cold. I am approaching 2 wks now.  And its really difficult to have my head down to paint anything. I have tried 2x now for a Mani and the Kleenex had different art in mind that I wanted to use. 

But I have been working on my Cheeky Summer Set review.. I want to have a complete full review. 

For those that are wondering here  are some quick details about this set.

~Summer Set has a pink backing so be-careful when ordering.
~When purchasing  make sure you read fully if that set includes the box and scrapper.Not all sets come this way.
~ The plates are bigger than previous set.
~The images are slightly different than the sample set that was previewed.
     (Cheeky will be updating their pictures of the set)
~ Yes the single images are smaller than the sample set, But they are very close to size of the 2012 set.
~The full nail images are bigger than the previous set.
~Shipping does take awhile but, Cheeky is working on a way to ship faster.
~This is a Company that will listen to your feedback. So speak up.They take everything into consideration. 

I have some swatches I did in comparison of the 2 sets. The photo's came out terrible tho. I need to retake the pictures.

Speaking of photos.. I am about to trash my light box. I still get glares. And the cardboard corners show up when i try to take pictures of plates. So all my plates pictures where taken outside.  Any inside details of why my box is giving me such issues? I am up for any suggestions.

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